Create and Market a

Multi-Figure Beauty Brand

Product Line

Let me tell you about the Create and Market a Multi-Figure Beauty Brand Product Line Business Course. It was designed for those in the Beauty, Health, and Wellness industry. It is the ultimate step by step guide to create your own beauty brand skincare or personal care product line.

What will you learn?

✔️ Business Foundation & Logistics

✔️ Research & Development. Hand Craft vs Private Label vs Custom Manufacturing

✔️ Labeling & Packaging

✔️ Branding


✔️Business Systems & Automation

What resources are available to you?

✔️ Group Your Beauty Brand Step by Step Blueprint which includes 70+ Vendors (Skincare, Makeup & Cosmetics, Contract Manufacturers, Lashes, Container & Packaging, Testing Facilities, Wholesale Markets,  Insurance and More)

✔️ Private Community

✔️Grow Your Beauty Brand Workbook

✔️ Ultimate Business Checklist

✔️ Disinfection Methods for Formulators

✔️ Vendor Contact Template & Tips

✔️ Business Glossary

Why invest in this course?

This course was created by a licensed esthetician who has been crafting and selling luxury skincare products for over 16 years. We specialize in the beauty industry!

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? There are many steps involved into turning an idea into a finished product ready to go to market. Let this course help you take you to your next level in the product creation process.

This system has EVERYTHING you need to get started!

As a beauty professional, you are physically performing services on clients. Throughout the service you use products and you recommend products to your clients. Are you getting paid to recommend those services? Even if you are getting paid, do you get to keep 100% of the profits or are you paid a commission?

Have you considered, creating your own line of products that can really serve your clientele? Would you be perceived as the expert when you tell your clients, “Yes, I have a product under my brand that will help get rid of razor bumps.” Or “I recommend you try this product to help your hair grow back”

You need to be aware of your value, and the value you can provide your clients. Your clients want to work with valuable people.

Let’s show your clients your value.

The Beauty Product Creation course was created to guide you through the process of creating a branded beauty or personal care product line step by step.

You will learn marketing tips and techniques to give yourself the confidence you need when talking to others about your brand and products.

You will be equipped with the tools and resources you need to obtain a full-time income just from a product line.

Inside the Course, You'll Find:

Module One

Business Foundation

We are going to get clear on your vision, your purpose, your tribe, your dream client and your strengths.

  • Clarity for the Business
  • Define the Vision for the Brand
  • Business Structure
  • Business Funding

Module Two

Research & Development

Learn industry secrets on how to create new products.

  • Handcrafting Products
  • Private Labeling Products
  • Custom Manufacturing

Module Three


Learn how to craft your brand story and message to close the sale.

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Elements
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Pricing

Module Four


To attract your dream clients, opportunities, and more importantly more revenue, you need to be seen in the marketplace.

  • Visibility Strategy
  • Niche Marketing
  • Social Media

Module Five


Learn the importance of business systems and which ones you need to run your business on auto. 

  • Business Systems Breakdown
  • Automation Tools

Here's Why You Have to Stop Playing Scared & Start Creating

There are people with less followers than you making more money than you simply because they stepped out on faith and showed up in the market place.

The global skincare market was worth $145.3 billion in 2020.

The opportunity to make more money in this industry has never been more accessible and as high as it is today!

What this course teaches you:

My goal is to make sure you have a step by step blueprint to guide you through the process of creating your own brand or personal care line so you can make the money you really want.

Product Creation Course

5 course modules

16 course video lessons

Grow Your Beauty Brand Step by Step Blueprint

this includes my 70+ vendor list ($397 value)

Private Community ($147 value)

Grow Your Beauty Brand Workbook ($97 value)

Ultimate Business Checklist ($67 value)

Disinfection Methods for Formulators ($67 value)

Contact Template + Tips ($27 value)

Business Glossary ($17 value)

Hey Jessica, Quick Question

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the doors open to join?

You can order this course and start working at any time.

How do I know if this is the right investment for me?

I created this course specifically for any who wants to create their own product line and make more money daily.

What happens after I hit the buy button for the product creation course?

You'll receive an email from me with login information giving you drip access and the bonuses starting the moment you log on.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have 3-month access to the course as soon as you purchase with 3 month access to the Private Community.

Can you guarantee results with Product Creation Course?

It is very likely that if you complete all the course lessons and apply what you've learned, you will be able to take your idea to market for sell. With that said, I cannot "guarantee" - results are on a case by case basis.

However, I do truly believe that you put into this course, you will get back.

Why do you drip the content?

It's important that you retain what you learn and have the time to get through the module and the coursework assigned with it. You will be given access to your bonuses and pre-work an instantly and the modules will drip out weekly.

What kind of access do I get to you (Jessica)?

You will access to me for 12 weeks in the Private Facebook Community. I show up daily to answer questions and provide support. You will also get another additional 8 weeks access to me through Slack.

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