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It's time to start, build and grow your beauty and wellness business.

Clarity Call


Have you really wanted to pick my brain? Do you have some specific questions about creating more business within your business?

Then, a 55 minute Clarity Call is what you need. Please note, these calls are not coaching sessions, they are meant for asking questions and getting clarity on which program are right for you. You want to come prepared with your questions so that our time together can be beneficial to you.


Master Strategy Session


This is a 3-hour virtual private coaching session with you and me. We will discuss one project or focus within your business during this time. This session is recorded, and a copy is sent to you afterward. The session does not include follow-up communication-so, so it's best to prepare questions in advance AND to ask them during the session.




Monthly Membership

The Monthly Mentorship is a private community of beauty business owners and aspiring beauty business owners.

Within the group you can receive accountability, support, and encouragement. You will gain resources, tools, and daily access to Q&A sessions with Jessica Fields and her amazing team. Members also can participate in the monthly master classes to grow their beauty brands and business spotlights.

Workshops + Masterclasses

We offer a variety of Masterclasses, Workshops, and Courses to help you start and build your beauty business. Each item in our shop was created to help you become more profitable from day one of your business.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is the most intense and accelerated program that you can invest in to work with me. I work with you hand and hand to create the plan for your business initiatives, marketing plan, product creation goals, and money + sales strategies.


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