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It's time to start, build and grow your beauty and wellness business.

Are you struggling to make more money in your beauty business?

Do you feel deep down you could help more clients, but you don’t know how? Have you been watching other people start their own product lines and succeed but you don’t know where to begin so you can do it too?


Have you done some research in starting your own line but felt

overwhelmed with all the information that was out there on the internet?


Does it feel like you won’t ever reach your money goal?


Let me be the first to say, you can create your own product line

and you can make a lot of money, you just need a blueprint. You need to get

clear on what you want to do specifically. Do you want to handcraft your

products? Do you want to private label your products? Do you want to have your

products custom manufactured?


I am a licensed esthetician and I have been crafting my luxury

skincare line for 17 years. Let me coach you and show you step by step how to

take your idea of beauty or personal care product line to market and sell it!

Your custom


Product Creation Course

This course is designed for beauty professionals and aspiring beauty professionals to help you create your own beauty or personal care product line. We will walk through how to hand craft, private label and custom manufacture your products to earn more money in your business daily.



The Monthly Mentorship is a private community of beauty business owners and aspiring beauty business owners.

Within the group you can receive accountability, support, and encouragement. You will gain resources, tools, and daily access to Q&A sessions with Jessica Fields and her amazing team. Members also can participate in the monthly master classes to grow their beauty brands and business spotlights.

Let me make it clear...

You know deep down with all the changes in the world recently you cannot rely solely on a day job. You cannot rely on just seeing clients. You cannot rely on just one stream of income. You need new ways to make the money you need to support yourself, your family and your dreams.

I was right there with you. Many of my clients have been right there with you. What we all need is a plan, some perspective on new streams of income that do not require our physical presence.

Now once you get the right idea on how to make money, does fear or imposter syndrome try to creep in? Do you worry yourself about how you will take your ideas to market? Do you think about once you get your idea to market how to get people to purchase? And purchase again?

I created a blueprint that walks you through the process of creating your own product line. It doesn’t matter if you want to handcraft, private label or custom manufacture your products. I will show you exactly how to do it.

After you get the blueprint, you wonder what happens if I have questions? What if I need additional support? The monthly mentorship is perfect  for you. You will have access to additional resources and tools for your business. In the mentorship you have access to a member portal with Monthly Masterclasses ranging from goal setting, retail, marketing, profit planning, marketing, profit planning, business systems and automation, and so much more.  

Content Creation Classes

Are you ready to learn how to create amazing content that connects with your target audience?

I launched a mini content creation course that includes detailed videos to show you how to utilize Canva, and other tools and apps to create the engaging content you need to build your brand. 

Canva is by far my favorite tool so I break down exactly how I use this tool to make the amazing content that grabs my ideal client's attention. 

I show you tips and tricks that are available in the FREE version and the PRO version. 

You can purchase just the Canva Content Creation video or you can grab the whole Mini Content Creation Course. In the course I show you additional tools and apps to really explode your brand.

Demystifying Sales Strategy

In this class you will learn:

Sales Goal & Revenue

How to create an achievable sales goal and create a revenue plan

Your Offer

Learn how to craft your offer to speak directly to your ideal client

Offline & Online Marketing

We will discuss specific marketing strategies that you should be leveraging like social media.


Learn which analytics to track and monitor to make sure you are on the right path to reach your goals.

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Building a Beauty Business Empire

Make more money in your beauty business every single day.